What's a GuestWing? It's an Airstream Rental!

We have been racking our brains to figure out the right key words for search. (You know . . . those words that someone will "Google" when they've heard of you, but can't remember your name.)

When you are a new kind of business, sometimes the keywords don't come so easily. We can verbally explain what do - we have mobile guest suites that bring extra space to Tampa Bay area residents who are having overnight visitors and need extra room so everyone is comfortable. That just doesn't seem like the kind of phrase that someone would type into a Google search.

So today we were taking one of our beautiful Airstreams to a customer in St. Petersburg. As soon we appeared, curious neighbors did too. And that's when it hit me . . . DUH . . .  "Airstream rental" will probably be one of the key phrases that gets Googled. So we've added that expressions to the copy in our website and to our Google Adwords . . . and we'll see.