We bring the suite to you.


Need more room for your houseguests?
That's why we created GuestWings

Even if you love entertaining, houseguests present special challenges. Where will everyone sleep? What bathroom will they use? Most homes in Tampa Bay don't have the rooms and extra beds required for overnight guests. That's why we created GuestWings™ - mobile guest suites delivered to your door to make room for your family and friends.

Is it a family reunion?

How many times have you wanted to have the whole family together, but didn’t have the room? Did they visit in shifts? Or maybe you split them up and some stayed in a hotel. When there is a GuestWings™ mobile suite on your property, you can have everyone together - but with comfort and privacy.


Do you really want houseguests sleeping on your sofa?

With houseguests, the inevitable question you face is: "Where will everyone sleep?" Do I buy an air mattress or should I rent an extra bed? Do I have enough sheets, pillows and blankets? Are my linens and towels nice enough for company?

When you rent a GuestWings™ mobile suite, we provide the space, real beds, soft, beautiful linens and thick towels. We bring it, so we wash it. That mean less work for you, before and after the visit.



Having guests is wonderful, but after a couple days, everyone starts to feel the loss of privacy. The GuestWings™ mobile suite sits outside your home. That means that your guests have their own space to retreat to every night... and that just feels better to everyone!

Bringing everyone together

GuestWings™ was inspired during the weekend of our daughter’s wedding in St. Petersburg. Most out-of-town guests were staying at a hotel. But we wanted the 5 members of our Los Angeles family to stay with the 4 of us. That meant a total of 9 people!

It was because of our beautiful Airstream trailer that we pulled it off. Everyone had a real bed to sleep in. No one had to miss out on any of the “adventures.” And nieces and nephews were around to lend a hand.


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