Google has 172,000,000 listings about "guests coming to stay"

So, I Googled the phrase "guests coming to stay" and there were 172,000,000 items that emerged. Content provided by the likes of well-known publishing brands such as Houzz, Martha Stewart and Real Simple. And plenty of posts by domestic bloggers such as The Inspired Room, the, Inevitably, many of the posts have up to 10 tips for you, including "10 Little Things I do for Houseguests", "10 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Overnight Guests" and "10 Easy Tips to Help Your Visitors Feel Welcome". And yes, of course, there are YouTube videos.

Certainly, we all appreciate hints and tips about how to be a great host to our overnight guests. But I am increasingly struck by the amount of work it takes to be a great host. First you need to figure out where everyone will sleep. And if you don't have enough beds to go around, you need to invest in some kind of bedding. (Friends Don't Let Friends Sleep on Air Mattresses . . . ) How about your linens? Are they nice enough for company? And how about the towels . . . really. I happen to have purchased some beautiful new white towels 4 years ago when I redid a bathroom. (Note . . . I still think of the 4 year old towels as "new.") Pillows? Blankets? Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons? That's quite a list, and we just dealt with the first question . . . 

These experts all agree that you should provide a selection of toiletries for your guests. Most have beautiful photos of travel-size products in a lovely basket. Got that stuff handy? Made a trip to the Target wall of travel-size products lately?

But here's the thing . . . something unexpected always crops up to mess with your preparations. For me it was a painful back issue that popped up 3 days before our houseful of guests arrived last December. So I had to set priorities . . . determine what was really important . . . and focus my limited energy accordingly. Fortunately . . . I had a GuestWing on hand . . . 

Making it easier for you to be a great host to your overnight guests has become my passion. It's the reason that we invented the concept of GuestWings. When guests come to stay, you will still have a lots to do . . . but we can help by bringing a deluxe mobile GuestWings suite complete with beds, linens, bathroom, etc. You can focus your time and attention on planning activities and food . . . very big jobs to manage. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to enjoy having guests? And the surprising benefit of a GuestWings unit is that all parties - host and guests - get a little extra privacy, especially at the end of the day. When your guests leave, we take away the suite . . . and all the dirty laundry so that you don't have to worry about that.



Terri Shapiro