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Try GuestWings And Get

One Night Free

Exclusive offer for Watermark readers: Book a 3-Night GuestWings experience and 1 Night is FREE! A great incentive to try our unique service and make the next houseguest visit more comfortable for everyone. Enter Watermark317 in the promo code field on the following form. Offer expires 5/31/2017.

Why GuestWings?

Unique Experience

This isn't anything like camping. Your guests stay in a sleek and spotless suite (yes, it's a 2016 Airstream) complete with digital thermostat, TV, microwave, sound system and more!

Extra Space, No Hassle

The suite arrives ready for your guests. Beds are made, pillows are fluffed, towels are ready.  We even bring the power. When your guests depart, so does the GuestWing and their mess. 

Have Questions?

GuestWings is a first-of-its kind concept that originated in Tampa Bay. So you probably have a few questions about how this works. Hopefully we answer many of them here: