The GuestWings Experience

The GuestWings suite may look like an Airstream™ camper, but our units don't go camping. So they are kept spotlessly clean and feature the all the comforts of a nice hotel room.

We bring the suite to you

Imagine being able to snap your fingers and have your home expanded with an additional bathroom and bedroom.  And you didn’t have to find an architect or a contractor, or even pick out the paint! That’s the idea behind GuestWings™. We deliver and set-up a well-appointed mobile guest suite to your residence so your short term visitors have a great place to relax and sleep. And while it may look like a camper on the outside, the GuestWings units have NEVER been used for camping! You’ll be proud to host your visitors in a GuestWing.

Water, Power, Sewer

All you need is an external water supply and an external electrical outlet. We set up the suite for full electrical power and hot and cold running water. It's our job to worry about the hoses and the electrical cords so that the GuestWings experience is easy, safe and comfortable for you and your guests.

Hotel amenities in your driveway

The GuestWings™ units have everything that an upscale hotel room would offer (except the wake-up call). Premium queen size bed, complete bathroom, towels, linens, TV, digital thermostat, power outlets, USB chargers, toilet paper, microwave and a coffee maker. 

The bedroom features a premium queen bed and lots of natural light, but privacy curtains when you need them.

A place for easy breathing

Every family has one... the person who is allergic to pets and can’t sleep in your house without wheezing and itching. With a GuestWings suite your allergic family and friends will have a place to be that is free of animal dander and other potential irritants. We wash the linens in detergent that is free of scents and dyes. We use natural cleaning products that don’t have a lasting odor.  We want everyone – including the hosts – to be able to relax and enjoy their time together.

Even a kitchen

The GuestWings kitchen comes with everything needed to prepare meals. A refrigerator with freezer. A gas cooktop and oven. Even a microwave that doubles as a convection oven. For an additional fee, we will fully stock the kitchen with dishes, flatware, cooking utensils, basic condiments and accessories to serve 4 people.  If you would like it furnished with food and beverages, let us know and we are happy to make arrangements.

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