In praise of "Glamping . . . "

So I Googled “glamping” the other day. There were 26.8 MILLION results that came up on my internet search. Amazing that a word that didn’t officially exist until a few years ago has generated so much buzz.

I will spare you the dictionary definition of glamping . . . I suspect you know what it’s about. I say, it’s time to be PROUD to be a glamper! What’s wrong with enjoying the great outdoors and the beauty of our national parks without the hassle of sleeping in a tent or needing a flashlight to find the bathroom? When a herd of elk wander into your campground at dusk, they aren’t judging you for having some comfort! You have the pleasure of observing these magnificent animals as the sun sets in the Rockies. (Ahhhhh, memories of Estes Park) And maybe you even have an “adult beverage” in your hand as the elk meander past your Airstream. Would it be so terrible to get a good night’s sleep?

In today’s world, we are all working so very hard. And so many of us are juggling jobs, child care, elder care, and financial challenges. Prepping for camping is a lot of effort - clothes, food, equipment, bug sprays, sunscreen . . . if you can rent one of our fully-appointed Airstreams, at least you won’t have to worry about pillows, linens, towels and cooking. We’ll bring the Airstream to the campsite you find . . . and we’ll do all the set-up and tear down. You just get to breathe. - and begin to appreciate the quiet and beauty of your surroundings.

Go ahead . . . Google “glamping” and see what you can find!

Happy trails!


Terri Shapiro