In appreciation of family gatherings . . .

Almost a year into starting up GuestWings, we had a wonderful revelation about what we do. We help people reconnect with their families and friends. That's not what we thought when we started. You would probably laugh at the stiff language in our business plan where we detail the convenience benefits provided by our Airstream rental business. Interacting with customers has taught us quite a bit. The convenience is nice to have, but the underlying motivation to rent from us is to have a way for families and/or groups of friends to all be together in one location.

Every single one of our Airstream rentals facilitated a family gathering -- a wedding, a high school graduation, a visit with the grandparents. A reunion of high school friends from the Midwest and their children. They appreciated the comfort provided by the extra bedroom and bath (wrapped in an Airstream trailer) that we delivered to their homes. The extra space made it easier to just "hang out" together during what was otherwise a pretty packed visit schedule.

So as we look to Thanksgiving, and prepare to begin the second year of GuestWings, we are very grateful to have a "mission" that has heart. We are honored to have this opportunity to make things a little bit easier and more comfortable for families and friends sharing time together in the Tampa Bay area.

Terri Shapiro