The Reason for GuestWings


After spending 23 of my adult years in Minneapolis, I love that St. Pete is a place that people WANT to visit. The sunshine. The beaches. Water sports. The arts.

And if you live here, you probably have out-of-town visitors. Houseguests. Certainly in the winter when the northern friends and family want to escape the frigid temps. But there’s also spring break trips, family reunions and special birthdays (my mother’s 90th is coming in early January), and the longing for beach time in the summer.

Over the next few weeks, we are facing the very dilemma that inspired us to start GuestWings™.  Company is coming and we need more room. Michael’s daughter, husband and 2 tween-age kids are coming to visit Dec 22 – 29.  My twenty-something daughter from NYC will be here during the same time.  And we’re finding it difficult to figure out where everyone is going to sleep.  We have one fully furnished guest room with a queen bed. We also have a twin-size air mattress.

So we will be using one of our GuestWings units . . . and one or two or three of our visitors will have the fun of staying in the mobile guest suite. I am a little bit jealous . . . the bed in the GuestWing is REALLY comfy.

And shortly after the first crew of houseguests departs for the north, the next group will be coming in for the BIG 90th Birthday celebration. Stay tuned . . .

Keefe Manwaring